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A remarkable cure for many common ailments. Beat Stress, Beat Boredom, Beat Sickness, Beat Loneliness, Beat a Drum.

Caution: Side effects may include a feeling of euphoria, an enhanced sense of rhythm, improved health, a new vision of the world, heightened self esteem, fits of laughter, a new rash of friends, an itch to come back and extreme HAPPINESS. If the symptoms last for more than four hours, seek the assistance of friends to laugh it off and then repeat the dosage… Use more often than needed and share liberally with your friends.

Robin Leftwich

There are many benefits of drumming… improved health and well-being, stress reduction, increase of killer cell activity, anxiety reduction, increased self esteem, and a new connection to and understanding of music and other cultures. But the greatest benefit of drumming is the incredible sense of happiness and joy that comes from a fun, failure-free learning environment and a community of kindred spirits. We encourage you to join us and experience the benefits of drumming for yourself.


Happy… “Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy”

Aly Camara is coming to NCSee our SPECIAL EVENTS page for details!

Aly Camara is coming back to North Carolina for a weekend of classes! March 6-8

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Passport Series

Broaden your knowledge and experiences, push the boundaries of personal success, overcome the limitations we perceive in ourselves, and embrace the diversity of West African music as we continue to foster a fun and failure-free environment that promotes learning, discovery and self-expression. Come experience the Passport Series!

happy beat dancing drummer logoThe course schedule is as follows:

Aug 24, Introduction & Foundational Rhythms
Sept 7, Rhythms that Build
Oct 19, Ballet Dunun, Dunun
Nov 9, Do-able Dununbas
January 25, Meter Madness*, *LOCATION: Vinmark Int'l Performing Arts Academy, 3958 W. Market St, Greensboro, NC 27507
Feb 22, Traditional Solos
March 29, Improvisational Solos
April 19, Drumming For Dancers

The Passport Series is a monthly offering of continuing education courses for drummers. Designed to accomodate students at all levels, the series will help students enhance skills, develop a deeper relationship with the drum and the culture behind the rhythms, and push personal boundaries for success. Although students are encouraged to take the entire series, it is not required.

Classes will be held on Sundays from 9AM-5PM at Vinmark Int'l Performing Arts Academy in Greensboro, NC. Students will be provided with handouts, CD's and notation for each class attended. $100/class.

To Register, call Robin at 336-813-8110 or email bountou@happybeatdrumming.com

What to bring:

Drum classYour Djembe
Dunun (these will be provided if you need)
Sense of humor!!!
Audio recorder
Did we mention sense of humor?!?!
Wear comfortable clothes

Check out our calendar for more info!

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